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zeitimpuls shortfilm 2018

21. Juli 2017 00:30


zeitimpuls shortfilm 2017

«democracy dialogue»

This motto leads through the program of contest and festival 2017.

Untill 30 April 2017 professional and amateur filmmakers and all who are interested in short film as a creative and critical medium will be called again to be part of thiscreative dialogue.

From 19 to 23 June 2017 the zeitimpuls shortfilm festival will offer a forum to lobby for your ideas and visions, to identify social and societal problems and present new solutions in your filmclips, and not to forget the various opportunities to win one of the zeitimpuls Awards and awesome prizes!

90 Seconds for your ideas!

Do not forget the slogan of zeitimpuls, the short film contest & festival focused on sociopolitical awareness.

More information about registration and the terms and conditions you will find