Titelbild_Inspired by Quarantine

Festival Countdown: the film program “Inspired by Quarantine”

Covid-19 and the global Lockdown has affected everyone of us on multiple levels. The event and its consequences are going to stay with us in the months and years to come. zeitimpuls has consequently decided to introduce a festival focus on the topics related to the pandemic by screening a dedicated film program and grant an award.
The contributions in the “Inspired by Quarantine” program show how multifaceted filmmakers have dealt with the situation. Their films are not solely dealing with the lockdown alone, but with isolation, the virus, loneliness and basic human needs like closeness or affection. And of course we haven’t to miss the toilet paper.  even surprised to come across topics like menstruation. While some films highlight the gravity of the situation, others want to provoke questions like ‘What does such a lockdown do to humans?’ Often the film’s responses surprise and amaze us. Here it’s definately true that the best humor “…makes me laugh for five seconds and think for ten minutes’ (William Davis). Some of the films are outright hilarious, but they never fail to stir up thoughts. Besides a film with a talking shack, one can watch a woman merging with her apartment or a well-behaved worker who won’t stop his daily routines even in quarantine. Still all films take their subjects serious and important issues are being portrayed, for example homelessness, climate crisis and global injustice – just to name a few.

Even though the lockdown in Austria is nearly over, the selected short films offer an ongoing opportunity for reflection – about us humans and the human condition amidst crisis.