zeitimpuls shortfilm Festival

zeitimpuls shortfilm Festival goes online
22 – 27 June 2020!

 Festival Countdown – The Film Program “Digital Artifacts”

How could a digitally shaped future look like? Could we exchange bodies with androids or fall in love with Artifical Intelligences? Will we upload our deceased into the net and continue meeting them? Will we live forever by digital means? And if so, what would this all mean for being human? – This and further questions are investigated in the film program „Digital Artifacts“.

For all the films digitalization entails much more than just ones and zeros on screens. In the end it’s all about human agency, our predictions and projections of possible futures and the very technology that has already gotten so present in our actions and daily life. Taking a look into the science fiction genre is always a gateway into the power of our own imagination. We get a glimpse into our collective desires and needs, but in the same moment our fears and anxieties appear too. In the films of this program we see social transformations being envisioned, satirized or highlighted.

Filmmakers take us on a journey into the world of possibilities: What if Likes suddenly determine what we do, even when it’s about dying or already being dead? Or if robots start feeling like humans and yearn for swapping places? Will androids eventually replace humans or will we humans start acting even more functional and machine-like? And what will our relationship to nature look like tomorrow?

Wanna meet such digital artifacts of a yet unkown future? Welcome to the film program „Digital Artifacts“!