Festival Countdown: The Film Programm Responses!

Who are you? And what are you doing here? Do you know where you are going? What do we really know for sure?

Questions can be challenging. They can challenge us and don’t care about our sensitivities. Questions can be long and complicated or just short and simple. Sometimes even the most simple question takes a lot of time, sweat or tears to be answered meaningfully.

In the film program Responses! you can’t find ready-made, easy-consumable answers. Filmmakers engage with their response-ability for topics, but they don’t take the responsibility off our shoulders. Who is responsible here? That’s the central question arising in these films. For example, who takes responsibility for an abandoned child? Who organizes a funeral the way the deceased would have liked it? Who looks after the well-being of prisoners? And when the elevator is blocked, who would take care? In Responses! we will be facing these and many other questions.

Often the basic aspects of life are fundamental in this films. Situations arise which every human can encounter at some point: war, motherhood, death, love, friendship. Each of these questions demands proper responses. Even if they are hard to answer. The films leave open whether the protagonists’ responses are right or wrong, or if there is a right and wrong in these situations at all. There is no judging in the films, just showing and making visible. So it can remain our response-ability.

Thanks to the films we are invited to a search for new answers – and to discover new questions!