Festival Countdown: The Film Program Memories Reanimated

By nature our memory doesn’t keep everything. Humans forget and that’s an important ability for survival. But today we are living in an information and media society and, only recently in history, also in a digital society. Suddenly forgetting is either impossible at all or forgetting starts to mean: that there’s so much new input that the things from yesterday quickly fade out, are covered up.

The films in the program Memories Reanimated resist against this dynamics and they are, literally, reanimating our memories and make us open again for topics that never lost their importance. They just slipped away from daily headlines and from our thoughts and conversations. These films call our attention to us humans in this world: to people who escape from harm or protest against injustice, to poverty among elderly people, their loneliness and diseases, we are reminded of child labour and children forced to fight in wars, exploitation of people but also exploitation of our earth, of natural resources. Some films find creative ways to have plastic pollution not be ignored, and other films invent amazing filmic expressions for the difficulty and pain behind remembering.

A special recommendation from zeitimpuls shortfilm for this remarkable and expressive short films. They reanimate our memories by filmic means and remind us of our responsibility and agency in this world.