How does the festival work? 

All the terms and many explanations

The festival and thus all films of the zeitimpuls Official Selection 2020 will only be shown online between June 22, 2020, 6:00 p.m. CEST, and June 27, 2020, 12:00 p.m. CEST.

The digital festival room can be reached via the organizer`s homepage (www.zeitimpuls.at)

A registration to enter the digital festival room is mandatory. A personalized account must be created for this purpose, please observe the the age rating carefully!

We would like to point out that young people under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter the general digital festival room of zeitimpuls!

With the confirmation mail of the organizer the registration can be completed and the digital festival room can be entered after registration.

By registering, every visitor commits himself/herself to comply with the data protection regulations of the organizer and not to violate the copyrights of the presented films by downloading, linking or other abusive use.

The registration is required

  •  to enter the digital festival room of zeitimpuls
  • to stream all movies and programs
  • to participate in discussions and interactive programmes
  • to vote in the audience vote

The organizer points out that the voting result and the number of films clicked on will be saved via the registered visitor’s account. This data storage will not be public and will be deleted at the latest four weeks after the end of the festival.

The festival program team will compile a list of their favourite films as a suggestion for the audience: zeitimpuls shortlist 2020.

The films on the shortlist have equal status to all films of the Official Selection 2020, and the zeitimpuls Awards 2020 will only be awarded based on the result of the audience votes.

Audience voting:

Visiting the zeitimpuls festival site entitles the visitors to vote in all categories daily (CEST applies), i.e. for each of the following award categories

  • Best Spot
  • Inspired by Quarantine
  • Open Category
  • School Category 
  • Junior Category
  • Film Competition of the Viennese Districts

one vote per day is allowed. In which category the film contribution is nominated, is written in the accompanying information of the films.

The successful submission of the vote is indicated by a colour changing of the voting button. The voting can be changed at any time by voting again. The last vote of the day in each category counts.

There are two voting rounds

  • The first round of voting starts with the festival opening: voting can be done for all films of the online festival. This voting round ends on Thursday 25 June at 6 p.m. (CEST). The results of this round will decide on the nomination for the zeitimpuls Awards 2020. Five films will be nominated in each award category. Only for these films can be voted in the following round.
  • The second round of voting will run from Thursday 25 June at 8 p.m. CEST until Friday 26 June at midnight CEST: it will no longer be possible to vote for any other films than the nominated ones in this second round of voting. Only the top five films in each award category from the first round of voting left for further voting.
  • The winning films will be presented on Saturday, 27 June 10 p.m. CEST on this page and at the closing event which will take place at the same time in schikaneder Kino at Vienna .

The organizer has the right to block accounts or remove films from the program if there is suspicion of manipulation or misuse of the voting right.

Awarding of prizes:

The offered awards (zeitimpuls Awards) do not entitle to any objections or claims against the organizer.

Prior to the awarding of the prize, the winners must fulfill all Terms zeitimpuls shortfilm contest & festival , prove their identity and provide all information for the transfer of the prize money in an orderly manner.

More information about the prizes and awards

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