zeitimpuls Awards 2019

The decision has been made!

Out of over 3200 submissions, these five outstanding submissions have managed to convince our expert jury.

On 20 June the zeitimpuls Awards 2019 were handed over to their lucky winners at a festive ceremony in the METRO Kinokulturhaus  .

zeitimpuls Award 2019

Save tree to safe life


Mir Ali Hoseyni Asli;

Hak-Publikation (Member of TORFEH Group Holding) Torfeh Design Group; Iran

School Award 2019



Judith Amon, Anna Basic, Mona Coursolle;


EUNIC Award 2019

Status Quo


Gen Seto and Co-Writers: Ronel Oberholzer, Andreas Reisenbauer;


Mobile Award 2019



Hubert Jegat and Yohan Vioux;


Open Award 2019



Jannis Alexander Kiefer, Milena Schäpers, Adam Graf; Montage: Kathrin Unger; Sound: Clemens Ruh;


Impressionen zeitimpuls Awards 2019

zeitimpuls Award 2019 – the nominated films

AN ADDRESS TO A PRESIDENT Director / Writer / Producer / Camera / Actor / Edit / Colour Grading and Sound: Neno Belchov; 01:20; USA, Bulgaria

AUGENZEUGE  Director / Writer / Producer: Daniela Huber / David Ketter; 01:48; Austria

BACK TO THE ROOTS Production-Team: Nathalie Kirchler, Lena Vogler, Alexander Kulaita und Felix Scharnagl; 02:00; Austria

COMMENTS RDirector / Writer / Producer/ Camera: Jannis Alexander Kiefer / Milena Schäpers / Adam Graf; Montage: Kathrin Unger; Sound: Clemens Ruh; 04:58; Germany

DEATH OF THE WORLD Director / Writer / Producer: Evrim İnci; 01:00, Turkey

DIGI STADT Director / Writer / Producer: DI Ylva Haberlandt with Marlies Katzler, Julia Lucijic, Patricia Neidhard, Stefanie Nissl, Hannah Schöner, Noemi Stubits und Lisa Zöhrer; 01:11; Austria

DREAM Director / Writer / Producer: Dominik Downarowicz / Andreas Reisenbauer; Animationen/KI: Dominik Downarowicz; Actor/Cut: Andreas Reisenbauer; 1:40; Austria

GRENZENLOS Writers: Judith Amon, Anna Basic, Mona Coursolle; 01:40; Austria

HOME Regie: Jonas Juškaitis; Sound Composer: Skomantas Duoplys; 01:43; Lithuania

HOME OF THE TIGER Director / Writer / Producer: Rishabh Arora; Animation: Chih-Chen Yang, Frozia Khalife; 01:5; UK

IRGENDWANN Director / Writer / Producer: Kuesti Fraun; 00:30; Germany

KEIN WORTDirector / Writer / Producer: Bartosz Słomowicz / Maja Pietkiewicz / Zespół Szkół nr 1 in Wałbrzych; 01:30; Poland

An Adress to a President
Kein Wort

KEYS Director / Writer / Producer / Actor : Basem Saefo / I. Direct / Khalid Moubaid; 05:11; Austria

KOPFKINO Director / Writer / Producer: Jennifer Dünser; 01:25; Austria

LE VIVRE ENSEMBLE  Director / Writer / Producer: José Luis Santos Pérez; 09:38; Spain

MASKS Stop Motion short film by Anna Haderer; Supervised by: Helmut Kolar; 02:27; Austria

#OUTOFHERE Director: Mor Lankri; Writers: Rona Straschnow & Mor Lankri; DOP: Yaniv Assa; Editor: Mariana Krylov; Original Music: Doron Gozal Goldschmidt; 01:10; Israel

PIANO Director/camera: Gerald Zahn; Music: Oregano  by Jason Chilly Gonzales Beck (PRS/SOCAN) / EMI Music Publishing Performed of Chilly Gonzales, Courtesy of Gentle Threat Ltd.; 01:30; Austria

POOLING Director / Writer / Producer: Dawn Westlake / Ron de Cana Productions, Inc.; 4:05; Spanien, USA

POP – GRENZENLOS – LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES Director / Writer / Producer: Nicole Reutter; 02:15; Austria

POPDirector / Writer / Producer: Hubert Jegat / Yohan VIOUX; 01:00; France

PRIMER CUENTO – FIRST TALE Director / Writer / Producer: Mercedes Arturo / PIBA FILMS. EP / Gisela Pelaez; 02:48; Argentinia

SAVE TREE TO SAVE LIFE Director / Writer / Producer: Mir Ali Hoseyni Asli / Hak-Publikation (Mitglied der TORFEH Group Holding) Torfeh Design Group; 01:00; Iran

SIGNATURE  Director / Writer / Producer: Omid Akbari / Farzad Farzandi; 03:20;  Iran

STATUS QUO Director / Writer / Producer: Gen Seto; Co-Writers: Ronel Oberholzer, Andreas Reisenbauer; 01:44; Austria