Youth Program at 

The following tutorials are available from June 14th to 26th after registration:

How to make a (short) film

  • Tutorial 1 – Introduction
  • Tutorial 2
  • Tutorial 3
  • Tutorial 4

Awesome Music for awesome films

  • Tutorial 1- Introduction
  • Tutorial 2
  • Tutorial 3

Download: Music without limits

There will also be exciting short film programs especially for young viewers in 2021!

All Films at One Glance  – Online Program

  • A girl and her shadow    –     Director, Writer: Vanessa Heeger / Producer: HFBK Hamburg            Germany/2019/00:02:00
  • Beware the Wolf!  –    Director: Julie Rembauville / Writer, Producer: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin            France/2020/00:00:56
  • Broken Roots    –     Director, Writer: Asim Tareq, Sarah Elzayat         Jordan/2020/00:04:18
  • Childskin   –     Director, Writer, Producer: Pepi Eirew      Canada/2020/00:01:19
  • Faces  – Director: Stuti Bansal           India/2020/00:01:11
  • First Carnival   –   Director, Writer: Alan Medina / Producer: Alan Medina, Bárbara Oliveira, Ed Batista            Brazil/2020/00:05:00
  • Garlic, I love you  –     Director: Theodore Bowyer/ Writer: Itsme von Ditto / Producer: Ryan MacKenna  Extended Version
  • Haute Cuisine   –     Director, Producer: Lukas Steinmaier / Writers: Lukas Steinmaier, Nicole Jeitler Extended Version
  • Head over Heels –  Director, Writer: Leonid Grigurko  Russia/2017/00:01:00
  • Human   –        Director: Karanja Ng’endo / Writer, Producer: Sarah Kimario   Kenya/2020/00:04:02
  • I once dreamt i was a peacock    –   Director: Van Bui      United Kingdom/2021/00:01:37
  • JADZIA    –        Director, Writer: Kk Araujo, Ariane Porto / Producer: Kk Araujo          Brazil/2020/00:19:59
  • Knots  – Director, Writer: David Francisco dos Santos / Producer: Cultura em Movimento – ICEM            Brazil/2021/00:01:00
  • Leo  –    Director, Writer, Producer: Moein Rooholamini  Iran/2020/00:01:00
  • Lost  –   Director, Writer, Producer: Arham Mustafa         Pakistan/2019/00:03:43
  • Made In     –     Director: Eva Marin / Writer: Alicia Torres Sastrus, Sara Vargas / Producer: Eva Marin , Mar Navarro          Spain/2021/00:10:00
  • NO COMMENT    –     Director, Writer: Zhivar Farajzadeh / Producer: Younes Azimi  Iran/2020/00:04:00
  • Paloma     –      Director: Alex Reis / Writer: Alex Reis, Laura MC, Henrique de Paula, Luiz Azevedo, Luiz Moura / Producer: Alex Reis , Lena Araujo, Victor Morelli         Brazil/2020/00:07:35
  • Skyfill  –  Director: Mark Hanhalo / Writer: Ivan Seniuk, Sergiy Tsymbaliuk        Ukraine/2020/00:02:30
  • Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Sane?  –   Director, Writer, Producer: Nick Hales      United Kingdom/2020/00:01:00
  • Super  –  Director, Writer: Víctor Cruz / Producer: Marta Ávila     Spain/2020/00:16:00
  • The Hand that cares  –  Director, Writer, Producer: Lago C.J.         Argentina/2020/00:01:44
  • The Human Mint  –    Director: João Meirinhos / Writer: João Meirinhos, Joana Tem Dias / Producer: Filmes Sombra          Portugal/2020/00:02:00
  • The Wish-Making Machine  –  Director, Writer, Producer: Paula Espinoza          Spain/2021/00:00:52
  • Wait for me   – Director, Writer, Producer: Hamza Akin   Turkey/2020/00:02:23 Extended Version
  • Water  –  Director, Writer, Producer: Cesar Díaz Meléndez            Spain/2020/00:01:30
  • Women – Director, Writer: Isabel Chappell / Producer: Isabel Chappell, Carole Flament, Paola Cecilia Cena   France, Peru, Argentina/2021/00:01:00  Extended Version