zeitimpuls shortfilm 2021 – submissions are possible again from December 1st, 2020!

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Worldwide Covid-19-Panorama

We are curious!

How does the pandemic change your day:

Lockdown again – just like us?

Full of fear or does confidence grow?

Give us a little insight into your perspectives!

We collect in November 2020

pictures from all around the world and get a

Worldwide Covid-19 Panorama:

Vienna, 11 02, 2020
Out of my window - the day before the Second Lockdown
Vienna, 11 03, 2020
Londonderry, 11 04, 2020
In this time and age the presence of windows is a consolation of isolation - Hamideh Javadi, Director of "Dialogue"
Villepreux, 11 05, 2020
"My condolences for the victim's families in Vienna, my thoughts are with austrian people in this difficult situation." - Jean-Baptiste Escary, Director "Miraculum"
Jakarta, 11 06, 2020
Deep condolences for the victim and all people in Vienna. We stand with you guys because in Indonesia we also dealing with the same thing and we know the suffering - Kevin Rahardjo, Director of "Unreality"
Varna, 11 07,2020
Do not be afraid! - Neno Belchev, Director of "Powerlessness"
Buenos Aires, 11 08, 2020
The sun falls perpendicular to the floor of my terrace and illuminates the sky, the roofs of the neighboring gardens and then my window reflects this landscape of restless lines of my city and my dreams - Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser, Director of "I Spy"
Sao Paolo, 11 09,2020
Fábio Tanaka, Director of "Mrs. Mother"
Alençon, 11 10,2020
From my window, I see the twilight. The earth burning. And wires supposed to connect us to each other. Blinded by this light necessary for the living. Night is falling. I close my eyes and join you in thought. - Hubert Jegat, director of " 3 Minutes"
Foggia, 11 11,2020
This is the view from my window in the sunny south of Italy, where I am spending this second lockdown working on my new animation - Paola Sorrentino, Director of "Ligne rouge et ligne noire"
Buenos Aires, 11 12, 2020
My desktop ..., Paola Bellato, director of "I Spy"
Avellino, 11 13, 2020
My viewpoint, Antonello Matarazzo, director of "The Watchmaker"
Buenos Aires, 11 14, 2020
My view out of the window, Elena Aracena, Animator of "I Spy"
Somewhere in the Baltic Sea, 11 15, 2020
Stormy weather at the Baltic Sea, Nell Heuer, Organizator of zeitimpuls
Ardabil, 11 16, 2020
Ibrahim Javadkhani, director of „Elevator“
Hier klicken
Copenhagen, 11 17, 2020
Mumbai, 11 18, 2020
Here is a window spot from my place here in Mumbai. The city is still struggling to overcome the situation, - Arpan Gargari, director of " Economic Times"
Köln, 11 19, 2020
relax and searching for new ideas, Nell Heuer from zeitimpuls
Banstead, 11 20, 2020
To be honest, looking at the weather, even if we were allowed to see people, i would probably decline the offer, Paul Longley, Director of “Paul’s Lockdown Daily Timetable”
Vienna, 11 21, 2020
Moving is always chaotic, in times of Covid-19 it's even worse. Since we're still in the middle of moving, we can't Quarantine 100%.But a chaotic move is nothing compared to the struggles millions of people have to go through during this time. We are very thankful that we found a place to live in and quarantine together. A lot of people out there are either struggling with being alone, fighting with the virus, or trying to help wherever they can. So stay home, stay safe and don't forget to help fight other global issues apart from covid, for example by donating, Leon Stanislawski, director of "Hey my friend"
Arhus, 11 22, 2020
Foto sent by an anonymus filmmaker
Paris, 11 24, 2020
a photo I took from my Parisian window, Chine-Lu Hung, director from I am a carot
London 11 25,2020
A fox goes to sleep the moment I wake up. Dead products entangled in dying leaves. Condensation on my window. Grey. - Michele Maria Serrapica, co-writer and director of "The Housewarming"
Ardabil, 11 26, 2020
once again Greetings from Ibrahim Javadkhani, director of „Elevator“
Vienna, 11 28, 2020
Only few days left and zeitimpuls shortfilm 2021 starts again!
Vienna, 11 29, 2020
Full of ideas for new films?
Vienna, 11 30, 2020