zeitimpuls Awards 2021

The question of who will get the coveted awards in 2021 remains exciting for the jury, audience and filmmakers until the end of the festival!

But we promise, this question will be answered live in  schikaneder and online!

26.06., 8 p.m. CEST


26.06,9 p.m. CEST

Theater zeitimpuls

The nominations for the Open Award 2021 and Audience Special Award 2021 will be announced on June 24th at 10 p.m. (CEST)

zeitimpuls Award 2021  – the Nominees

  • Abstinence   –  Director, Writer: Ronaldo Afonso / Producer: Sarasvati Produtora      Brazil/2019/00:01:14
  • Beware the Wolf!   –   Director: Julie Rembauville / Writer, Producer: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin            France/2020/00:00:56
  • Black Snot & Golden Squares   –      Director, Producer: Irina Rubina    Germany/2020/00:01:00
  • Covid-19   –     Director, Writer. Producer: Farzaneh Ghobadi    Iran/2020/00:01:29
  • freedom.     –   Director, Writer: Felix Ernst Peter Schalk / Producer:: Paul Bono, Noah Westermayer            Austria/2020/00:01:33
  • Good Wishes –  Director: Daria Gordeea / Writer: Daria Gordeeva, Tatiana Gordeeva / Producer: Daria Gordeeva, Aleksander Prohorov    Russia/2020/00:01:08
  • Haram    –     Director, Writer, Producer: Pater/Son       France/2020/00:01:39
  • HAUTE CUISINE  –   Director, Producer: Lukas Steinmaier / Writers: Lukas Steinmaier, Nicole Jeitler            Austria/2019/00:01:45
  • Head over Heels   –    Director, Writer: Leonid Grigurko  Russia/2017/00:01:00
  • Hello, I am Leon  –     Director, Writer, Producer: Leon Stanislawski     Austria/2021/00:01:00
  • I got married … –     Director, Writer: Ana Cavazzana    Brazil, Portugal/2020/00:01:00
  • I’m listening –  Director, Writer, Producer: Ignacio Rodó  Spain/2021/00:01:00
  • L    –   Director: Nikolaus Jantsch   Austria/2020/00:01:13
  • mysophobia  –   Director/ Writer / Producer: Kollektiv Wirr           Austria/2020/00:01:10
  • Politics     –      Director: Fardin Zarei / Writer: Omid Gharibi / Producer: Afshin Tutunchi     Iran/2021/00:01:45
  • Skyfill  –  Director: Mark Hanhalo / Writer: Ivan Seniuk, Sergiy Tsymbaliuk        Ukraine/2020/00:02:30
  • Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Sane?   – Director, Writer, Producer: Nick Hales      United Kingdom/2020/00:01:00
  • The Human Mint  –   Director: João Meirinhos / Writer: João Meirinhos, Joana Tem Dias / Producer: Filmes Sombra          Portugal/2020/00:02:00
  • The Research –  Director, Writer, Producer: Aitor Marín Correcher          Spain/2020/00:01:00
  • The Wish-Making Machine –   Director, Writer, Producer: Paula Espinoza          Spain/2021/00:00:52
  • Wait for me –  Director, Writer, Producer: Hamza Akin   Turkey/2020/00:02:23
  • Water – Director, Writer, Producer: Cesar Díaz Meléndez            Spain/2020/00:01:30

Educational Award 2021- the Nominees

  • A girl and her shadow    –     Director, Writer: Vanessa Heeger / Producer: HFBK Hamburg            Germany/2019/00:02:00
  • Childskin     –   Director, Writer, Producer: Pepi Eirew      Canada/2020/00:01:19
  • Faces –  Director: Stuti Bansal           India/2020/00:01:11
  • Framed     –    Director: Olena Zahoruiko  Ukraine/2020/00:02:30
  • Haute Cuisine     –      Director, Producer: Lukas Steinmaier / Writers: Lukas Steinmaier, Nicole Jeitler            Austria/2019/00:01:45
  • Garlic, I love you    –    Director: Theodore Bowyer/ Writer: Itsme von Ditto / Producer: Ryan MacKenna            Ireland/2018/00:01:10
  • I once dreamt I was a peacock    –   Director: Van Bui      United Kingdom/2021/00:01:37
  • Knots  – Director, Writer: David Francisco dos Santos / Producer: Cultura em Movimento – ICEM            Brazil/2021/00:01:00
  • Mix   –  Director, Writer, Producer: Xiaoxuan Yu, Huizi Yao        Germany/2021/00:01:19
  • The Hand that cares  – Director, Writer, Producer: Lago C.J.         Argentina/2020/00:01:44
  • Women     –     Director, Writer: Isabel Chappell / Producer: Isabel Chappell, Carole Flament, Paola Cecilia Cena   France, Peru, Argentina/2021/00:01:00