When clichés fall out of the windows of Shanghai, a glance out of the windows at the Ivory Coast reverses time and all genders dance across continents to present their normalities. The borders and norms are threatened to relive history and undergo a defenestration however this time in Vienna. 

22.06./8 p.m. CEST



Theater zeitimpuls

All Films at One Glance

  • Abstinence  –   Director, Writer: Ronaldo Afonso / Producer: Sarasvati Produtora      Brazil/2019/00:01:14 / Extended Version
  • Birthday Boy  –  Director: Judith Corro / Writer: Luis Alfaro / Producer: Gilberto Loffer            Panama/2020/00:07:00 /schikaneder
  • Came A Long Way –   Director, Producer: Thuli Jadezweni / Writer: Vincent Makhanya         South Africa/2020/00:04:54 /schikaneder
  • Catramina   –   Director, Writer: Horacio Parisotto            Argentina/2020/00:10:42  /  schikaneder           
  • Colateral    –    Director, Writer: Lucrecia Cisneros Rincón / Producer: Sariana Guerra & Carlos Carreño    Venezuela/2020/00:22:40 /  Extended Version
  • DONGO  –       Director, Writer, Producer: Mike Cofiz      Ivory Coast/2020/00:14:53 /schikaneder
  • Germany is a Trampoline   – Director, Writer, Producer: Marc Sebastian Eils   Germany/2021/00:28:00  /schikaneder
  • Hedge-Hands   –   Director, Writer, Producer: Hermann Kayode      Benin, Senegal/2020/00:03:56    /schikaneder
  • I Am  –  Director, Writer, Producer: Jaime Fidalgo Spain/2020/00:10:00 schikaneder
  • My Family  –    Director, Writer: Yan Qiu Foong / Producer: Matthew Yang, Pamela Tan, Chen Sing Yap  Singapore/2018/00:07:22 /  Extended Version
  • Narcissus    –   Director, Writer, Producer: Liu Jiayi           China/2020/00:03:00 / Extended Version
  • NO   –  Director, Writer: Quintín Rivera Toro / Producer: Belkis Dávila            Puero Rico/2021/00:04:40/ Extended Version
  • No Beloved  –  Director/ Writer: Salman Alam Khan / Producer: Sana Jafri       Pakistan/2021/00:08:00 /schikaneder
  • No Romo  –     Director, Writer, Producer: Elliot Blue       Germany/2021/00:15:15 /Extended Version
  • Player – Linn da Quebrada   –  Director: Sabrina Duarte / Writer: Linn da Quebrada / Producer: Juliana Melo, Isadora Canela, Nuance Filmes & Sentidos Producoes   Brazil/2019/00:05:59 /schikaneder
  • Return to the Peach Blossom Wonderland   –   Director: Haomin Peng, Yue Huang, Yuchao Luo / Writer: Yue Huang / Producer: Yue Huang        China/2020/00:18:45 /schikaneder
  • Seascape  –      Director, Writer, Producer: 武Wu文豪Thor          China/2021/00:37:24 / Extended Version
  • Shanghai Windows –   Director: Carlo Lin / Writer: Li Jixiu / Producer: Zhang Yiqiao   China/2020/00:08:05  / Extended Version
  • Strength Test  –  Director, Writer: Liu Yixuan, Jin Yilai, Shen Leyi / Producer: Han Hui, Tony Xia            China/2021/00:03:44/ Extended Version
  • The art of being in a world of not being  –  Director: Soheil Soheili        Iran/2020/00:05:00 / schikaneder
  • The Writer  –    Director: Joel Nnogo, Blessing Okoh / Writer: Joel Nnogo / Producer: Blessing Okoh            Nigeria/2021/00:07:31/ schikaneder
  • Wave –   Director, Writer, Producer: Zhang Xiaoan Australia/2019/00:04:55/schikaneder
  • Why not me?  –   Director, Writer: Dieu-Donné Tchani / Producer: 14H Chrono  Togo/2020/00:12:00/schikaneder