Rules are meant to be broken – when a suitcase falls from the sky, a cremeschnitte offers a solution to all problems and circles transform into squares: this is when cinematic experiments throw old views out of the window.

24.06./8 p.m. CEST



Theater zeitimpuls

All Films at One Glance

  • A Historic Handshake   – Director, Writer, Producer: Aurélien Laplace       France/2016/00:03:10              Extended Version
  • Absurd Man –   Director, Writer: Burak Kum / Producer: Zeynep Üstünipek     Turkey/2020/00:08:06                    schikaneder
  • Black Snot & Golden Squares    –     Director, Producer: Irina Rubina    Germany/2020/00:01:00            schikaneder
  • Boing Boing –  Director, Writer, Producer: George Dorobantu    Romania/2019/00:03:00                schikaneder
  • Compass    –    Director: Omani Frei            Austria, Germany/2020/00:05:30             schikaneder
  • Confessions of a Budding Murderer    –     Director, Writer, Producer: Rogelio Sastre            Spain/2019/00:09:56                      Extended Version
  • Ex-Nihilo    –    Director: Bianca Gadola, Maude Gobet / Writer: Bianca Gadola / Producer: Daniel Hertli, Urs Lindauer    Switzerland/2020/00:20:23         schikaneder
  • Finite Soil  –     Director, Writer: Mariola Olcina Alvarado , Isidro Jiménez Gómez/ Producer: Yadira Ávalos     Spain/2021/00:04:00  Extended Version
  • Hello, I am Leon   –    Director, Writer, Producer: Leon Stanislawski     Austria/2021/00:01:00           schikaneder
  • Identities   –     Director: Nela Vitoshevikj / Writer: Based on the short stories By Daniil Harms       North Macedonia/2020/00:13:50            schikaneder
  • In the Eye of the Beholder   –  Director: Victor Kabir Tognola, Jan-David Bolt / Writer: Victor Kabir Tognola / Producer: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste     Switzerland/2020/00:08:00       Extended Version
  •   –      Director: Nikolaus Jantsch   Austria/2020/00:01:13      schikaneder
  • Lenz   –  Director, Writer, Producer: Amir Hossein Tabbat            Iran/2021/00:07:39             Extended Version
  • Limbus     –      Director, Writer, Producer: Florian Noever, Hannes Schmid     Austria/2021/00:06:51                   schikaneder
  • Mix  –    Director, Writer, Producer: Xiaoxuan Yu, Huizi Yao        Germany/2021/00:01:19               Extended Version
  • Muedra   –     Director, Writer, Producer: Cesar Díaz Meléndez            Spain/2019/00:08:50                      Extended Version
  • mysophobia  – Director/ Writer / Producer: Kollektiv Wirr        Austria/2020/00:01:10
  • Pangäa   –     Director, Writer, Producer: Beate Hecher, Markus Keim            Austria, Italy/2020/00:13:35                        schikaneder
  • Past is unpredictable   –    Director: Leonardo Gracés  Argentina/2020/00:02:47               Extended Version
  • Roaming   –     Director, Writer: Florine Mougel / Producer: Kunstuniversität Linz      Austria/2020/00:06:04                        schikaneder
  • Shadowland  –  Director, Writer, Producer: bellopropello Switzerland/2019/00:13:50                       Extended Version
  • Stuck –  Director, Producer: Allison Beda / Writer: Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg, Allision Beda            Canada/2020/00:03:00                  schikaneder
  • The Erl-King –  Director, Producer: Ilona Schadauer / Writer: Based on the poem by Johann Wolfgang Goethe   Austria/2021/00:05:37     schikaneder
  • The Human Mint  –    Director: João Meirinhos / Writer: João Meirinhos, Joana Tem Dias / Producer: Filmes Sombra   Portugal/2020/00:02:00     Extended Version 
  • The Research –  Director, Writer, Producer: Aitor Marín Correcher          Spain/2020/00:01:00      schikaneder
  • WineGame  –   Director, Writer: Vahan Bedelian / Producer: Sophia Zhu, Walker Entertainer Academy, Loyola Marymount University School of Film & Television        USA/2020/00:03:59    schikaneder
  • Women who bleed – Powered by Menstruation     –     Director: Andrea Holland, Giovanna Koyama / Writer: Andrea Holland, Giovanna Koyama / Producer: Andrea Holland, Giovanna Koyama   UK, Brazil, Spain/2020/00:13:38       Extended Version