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All Films at One Glance

  • Blur  –   Director, Writer: Elham Asghari / Producer: Soheil Afsari          Iran/2020/00:05:12                         Extended Versiuon
  • Burn your Money  –   Director, Writer, Producer: Jak Hutchcraft, Paul Blue     United Kingdom/2021/00:15:48                                   Extended Version
  • CARE:Y  –  Director: Christina Marie Selwicka / Writer, Producer: Emily Schmeller            Austria/2020/00:05:50                               Extended Version
  • Carried Away   –      Director: Etienne Fagnère, Manon Carrier, Johan Cayrol, Alo Trusz, Jean-Baptiste Escary / Writer: Etienne Fagnère, Jean-Baptiste Escary / Producer: Jean-Baptiste Escary, Manon Carrier  France/2020/00:05:37                   schikaneder
  • Covid-19 –    Director, Writer. Producer: Farzaneh Ghobadi    Iran/2020/00:01:29 Extended Version
  • Drawn from Memory  –      Director: Pouria Kazemi      United Kingdom/2020/00:06:45                           Extended Version
  • Dubki  –  Director, Writer: Aalap Tanna / Producer: Annapurna College of Film and Media            India/2021/00:15:59                 schikaneder
  • Endlesstairs  –   Director, Writer: Eleazar Ubieda / Producer: Eleazar Ubieda, Andrés Ávila, Jorge Pérez y Margarita Gonzalo   Spain/2021/00:03:00            schikaneder
  • Existential Fear  –    Director, Writer: Lisa Voelter / Producer: Simon Riegel  Germany/2020/00:10:00             schikaneder
  • Ferrotipos   –   Director, Writer: Nüll Garcia / Producer: David Torres Vásquez, Fernando J. Monge            Spain/2020/00:14:00                   schikaneder
  • Foreigners  –   Director, Writer: Fernando Arze Echalar/ Producer: Serpentina Digital, José Kellenberger            Bolivia/2020/00:18:46                Extended Version
  • Framed    –      Director: Olena Zahoruiko  Ukraine/2020/00:02:30        Extended Version
  • freedom.  –      Director, Writer: Felix Ernst Peter Schalk / Producer:: Paul Bono, Noah Westermayer     Austria/2020/00:01:33          schikaneder
  • Haram    –   Director, Writer, Producer: Pater/Son       France/2020/00:01:39       Extended Version
  • I Am    Director, Writer, Producer: Jaime Fidalgo Spain/2020/00:10:00        schikaneder
  • I’m listening –       Director, Writer, Producer: Ignacio Rodó  Spain/2021/00:01:00  Extended Version
  • In Search of Hope   –  Director, Writer, Producer: Fié Neo           France, Canada, Singapore/2020/00:17:18                          schikaneder
  • Nosophobia –  Director, Writer, Producer: Shehab Satti   Sudan/2021/00:04:24                        Extended Version
  • Not funny  –    Director: Lara Kraemer / Writer: Lara Kraemer, Anne Thoemmes        Germany/2021/00:10:27                           Extended Version
  • Paloma    –    Director: Alex Reis / Writer: Alex Reis, Laura MC, Henrique de Paula, Luiz Azevedo, Luiz Moura / Producer: Alex Reis , Lena Araujo, Victor Morelli         Brazil/2020/00:07:35                         schikaneder
  • Player -Linn da Quebrada  – Director: Sabrina Duarte / Writer: Linn da Quebrada / Producer: Juliana Melo, Isadora Canela, Nuance Filmes & Sentidos Producoes   Brazil/2019/00:05:59                         Extended Version
  • Praying is Rare   –     Director, Writer, Producer: Alexandre Lydia        Brasil/2019/00:04:51                         Extended Version
  • Redemption  –    Director, Writer: Miquel Llorens / Producer: Lorena Torres      Spain/2020/00:15:00                     schikaneder
  • Signal Fire  –    Director, Writer: Alice Il Shin / Producer: Alice Il Shin, Eiko Kawabe Brown            Canada/2019/00:08:45              schikaneder
  • Tabu –  Director, Writer, Producer: Olga Kosanović         Austria/2020/00:03:15                schikaneder
  • The Fake Dictator  –   Director: Rogerio Boo, Sebastian Krolak / Writer: Sebastian Krolak / Producer: Maggie Sargent           Brazil/2020/00:09:10                   schikaneder
  • The Gravestone   –     Director, Writer: Hashim AL Almer / Producer: Jordanian Ministry of Culture            Jordan/2020/00:10:15                   Extended Version
  • Tipping Point –  Director, Writer: Alberto Mielgo / Producer: Pinkman TV          France/2020/00:03:59        schikaneder
  • Voices on the Line –   Director: Jessica Herreman / Writer: Leonardo Tarifeño / Producer: Fernando Llanos   Mexico/2020/00:05:03       Extended Version
  • Washout   –  Director, Writer, Producer: Alex Fatehnia Sweden/2020/00:04:58                      Extended Version
  • Zero Dimension    –    Director, Writer: Sunya Madrigal Alvarez Ugena / Producer: Omar González Pérez, Hugo González Pérez, Sunya Itzia Madrigal Alvarez Ugena, Laura Martínez Ayala and Abdiel Villaseñor Talavera            Mexico/2020/00:07:03         schikaneder