True heroines face off against bad hair days, they do not flinch in the face of evil wolves and they dance in the rain without worry. And what about the shining knights? They “pickle their dreams”

23.06./ 8 p.m. CEST



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All Films at One Glance

  • 19    –   Director, Writer, Producer: Miley Afolabi Nigeria/2020/00:16:00                   Extended Version
  • 0.60 Liters  –   Director: Reem Rashwan / Writer: Daniel Tarek / Producer: Haneen O’ssam, Reem Rashwan  Egypt/2020/00:10:11      Extended Version
  • Azul  –  Director, Writer: Bianca Ceausescu / Producer: FILMAFILM      Spain/2021/00:02:30                      Extended Version
  • Beware the Wolf!  –    Director: Julie Rembauville / Writer, Producer: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin            France/2020/00:00:56          schikaneder
  • Colateral    –    Director, Writer: Lucrecia Cisneros Rincón / Producer: Sariana Guerra & Carlos Carreño    Venezuela/2020/00:22:40 /  Extended Version
  • CRAZY    –   Director: María Salgado Gispert / Writer: María Salgado Gispert, Maite Voces / Producer: Antonello Novellino, María Salgado Gispert, Naif Films Spain/2020/00:15:00                      schikaneder
  • Evolution   –    Director, Producer: Daria Gordeeva / Writer: Daria Gordeeva, Tatiana Gordeeva            Russia/2020/00:02:30                    schikaneder
  • Existential Fear    –     Director, Writer: Lisa Voelter / Producer: Simon Riegel  Germany/2020/00:10:00                Extended Version
  • Ferrotipos  –    Director, Writer: Nüll Garcia / Producer: David Torres Vásquez, Fernando J. Monge      Spain/2020/00:14:00      Extended Version
  • Good Wishes  –   Director: Daria Gordeea / Writer: Daria Gordeeva, Tatiana Gordeeva / Producer: Daria Gordeeva, Aleksander Prohorov    Russia/2020/00:01:08    Extended Version
  • I got married … –   Director, Writer: Ana Cavazzana    Brazil, Portugal/2020/00:01:00           Extended Version
  • In your Dreams    –     Director, Writer, Producer: Mor Lankri     Italy/2020/00:07:45            schikaneder
  • Nine Moons  –  Director: Alma ben Zeev     Israel/2021/00:08:00                      schikaneder
  • Persephone – the tale of winter   –  Director, Writer, Producer: Rebeka Köves            Hungary/2020/00:02:23                        schikaneder
  • Rimi  –  Director, Writer: Nischhal Sharma / Producer: Anany Khare, Anil Sharma, Pooja Parekh            India/2021/00:13:05                       schikaneder
  • Scalp Deep  –  Director, Writer, Producer: Naseeba Bagalaaliwo           Uganda/2020/00:06:41                  schikaneder
  • Shedding Skin   –     Director, Writer: Katherina Harder Sacre/ Producer María José García            Spain/2020/00:17:00                      schikaneder
  • The Dip –   Director, Writer: Simona Mehandzhieva / Producer: Royal College of Art      United Kingdom/2020/00:04:32                schikaneder
  • There will be MONSTERS   –  Director, Writer: Carlota Pereda / Producer: Carlota Pereda, Raquel Pedreira, David Monreno   Spain/2020/00:05:00     schikaneder
  • TWIGS –  Director, Writer, Producer: Hadass Almagor        Israel/2019/00:04:43           Extended Version
  • Untill death separate us  –    Director, Writer: Sofie Vermeir       Belgium/2020/00:06:24                 Extended Version
  • Va-Bene   –      Director: Brenda Jorde         Germany, Ghana/2018/00:10:00              schikaneder
  • Where were you?  –    Director, Writer: Maria Trenor / Producer: Francesc Garica Donet            Spain/2020/00:19:47                      Extended Version