zeitimpuls shortfilm contest

The zeitimpuls short film contest 2018 starts with the motto

open minded

We are looking for critical, exciting, entertaining, shocking, unusual, bloodcurdling, interesting, weighty, strange, profound and excellent short films

  • advocating for cosmopolitanism
  • treating the categories of the “strange”, the “different” and the “familiar”.
  • unlimited in a time when borders, fences and walls are created.

For the first time also short films of over 90 seconds length will find a new category at zeitimpuls!

All short films of any genre are accepted. Subtitles or a short abstract in English or German requested.

After a preliminary round selected films will be considered by an independent jury from several experts and the winners of the zeitimpuls Award 2018 will be selected. A jury of youngsters selects their favorite film out of the contribution of our youngest filmmakers.
2018 many categories will make the contest more attractive!

Professional productions
Amateur productions
School or group projects
Individual projects
are welcome.

Deadline: April 30th 2018

Terms of the contest and registration:

zeitimpuls shortfilm 2018