zeitimpuls Junior Awards Show 2019

Competition of the Vienna districts

Great was the jubilation as the young filmmakers of the class 4b of the VS – Schule im Grünen from Simmering receive the Together Award 2019.

In addition to the award and prize money, the winners of the competition in the Vienna districts get a special giftsponsored by OKTO -TV

Together Award 2019

Die Grenzen aus Simmering

Together Junior 2. Place

Die Grenzen aus Meidling

Spot of class 4a der NMSI Steinbauergasse from Meidling

Together Junior 1. Place

Die Grenzen aus Mariahilf

Spot of class 4c der WMS Loquaiplatz from Mariahilf.

Together Senior 2. Place

Die Grenzen aus Landstraße

Spot of class P1 der PTS 3/ FMS 3  from Landstraße

Together Senior 1. Place

Die Grenzen aus Neubau

Spot of the third classes of Islamischen Fachschule für Soziale Bildung from Neubau

Junior Award 2019

The successful filmmakers of the general junior category all had a long journey this morning

3. Place Junior


Spot of Projektgruppe der 4. Klassen der Neuen Mittelschule 2 Jenbach 

2. Place Junior

Grenzenloser Konsum

Spot of Primaria 2 von Schule im Pfeifferhof

Junior Award 2019


Spot of  NMS Clemens Holzmeister from Landeck 

Here are some impressions ...